Let’s face it, mini storage is seemingly everywhere you look, no matter where you live.  It is an abundance of riches for those looking to rent a storage unit, but is it also an embarrassment of riches? What should you look for to find the best mini storage unit for your needs?

We are here to help you answer that question. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Fort Worth, Texas, and the information contained in this article can help anyone looking at a storage unit. Call us at (817) 439-1380 if you have questions after reading this article.

It begins with secure self storage

We have never met a customer who was not concerned with security. We all want our possessions safe from vandalism, theft, and accidental damage.  Why else would we pay money for a storage space?  Take the time to check out the security measures of various storage buildings.  Are they fenced? Do you have to enter through a secure central gate to gain access? Does the storage building require an access code as well as your individual storage space? Is there video monitoring?  Is there on-site management?  With the proliferation of storage facilities, it is worth your time to search until you find one which offers great security.

Climate controlled storage must be considered

We will put this as clearly as possible: if you live in an area which has extreme temperatures, you absolutely much look for a climate controlled storage unit. Extreme temperatures can damage your belongings, and the only way to protect them from oxidation is to rent a climate controlled storage unit.  It may cost an extra ten bucks a month, but it will be money well-spent.

Many price options for a storage facility

You can pay as little as $40 for a storage unit.  You can pay as much as $200 per month. What do you need? How much space do you need? Don’t pay for more than you need.  Our team of experts can help you in deciding what amount of space is good for you, but generally speaking, a 5’x10’ storage space will handle one room of furniture and other belongings quite nicely, or a 15’x30’ will handle a three-bedroom house.

Look for great move-in specials

Every storage company has move-in specials. Ask about them before choosing. It just might save you a month or two in rent.

Count on experience and good social standing

Trust is sacred in the storage industry. You are paying someone to take care of your possessions and valuables.  You are relying on them to do a quality job day in, day out, 24/7, 365.  How do you know which storage company you can trust? Check with those in the city, the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce . . . check with friends and neighbors. Get good recommendations before you sign over your trust in a company.

A little bit about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

We have over thirty years of experience in the storage industry in the Fort Worth area. Call us if you have questions. We will gladly help you out in a Texas, neighborly way.