Maybe you are new to mini storage units. Maybe you are one of the millions who have never rented from a self storage company. Maybe you are wondering exactly what you should, and should not, store in mini storage.  If so, this article is for you. Consider this a primer on mini storage. Consider this a look at the average storage solutions across America.

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Now, the five most common items stored in mini storage spaces.


Without a doubt, the leading item stored in storage units is furniture.  For whatever reason, people do not like to give up on furniture which does not fit into their new homes. Maybe they are saving it for a newer home down the Road of Life?

We can add to this lawn furniture, which is seasonal and does not fit in most garages.  And a good amount of chairs and tables are stored, items used by churches and organizations which don’t have adequate storage room at their establishments.

If this is you, wrap the furniture in plastic to prevent any possibility of damage or fading.

Extra clothing

Boxes and boxes and boxes of extra clothing . . . if we were to empty out Blue Mound 287 Self Storage right now, just lay out all of the items in the parking lot, chances are close to 30% of the items would be clothing.

If this is you, make sure you pack that clothing in sturdy boxes with sturdy lids so you can stack one box on top of another box.


Christmas decorations and decorations for other holidays are found quite often in storage facilities.  Again, make sure you store those decorations in solid boxes so they will not be damaged when you stack one box on top of another box.  If those decorations are important enough to pay for storage for them, they are important enough to store properly.


Family heirlooms and other collectibles are often found in mini storage units.  Places like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage offer secure self storage, with four levels of security, so people feel confident in storing their expensive items in our storage buildings.

Files and documents

Mounds and mounds of paperwork, files, documents, stored for years for tax purposes, this is quite common for businesses and offices and retail stores which do not have the filing space for all of those receipts and paid bills.

Other items you may not have thought about

Storage facilities like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage also offer auto storage, boat storage, RV storage, and trailer storage, oftentimes at considerable savings.  Indoor and outdoor storage is available for all of those large items.

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