There are literally thousands of mini storage facilities across the United States, and literally hundreds-of-thousands of people who use self storage.

Still, there are millions who have not, millions who do not know the first thing about choosing a mini storage unit. This article is for those of you!

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What follows, then, are three criteria to follow in choose a mini storage.

Choose a storage unit which fits your needs

It has been our experience that people rarely know what size storage unit to rent.  When faced with a room full of furniture, plus boxes, it can be difficult to imagine whether you will need a 5’x10’ unit or a 10’x20’.

There are two ways to solve this problem. One, you can measure all of the items you will be storing, and compute the square footage that way.  When you do that, make sure you also compute the vertical storage you find in a storage unit. Most storage units are at least eight feet high, and that vertical space is useful.

Second, you can consult the manager or employee of the storage buildings. They will most likely have a useful chart which will explain how much you can normally store in the various unit sizes available.  You can find such a chart on the home page of our website for reference.

Pay a little extra for security

There are four basic stages of storage unit security.  The first stage, a must as far as we are concerned, is a fence around the perimeter of the storage buildings, with only one main gate for ingress and egress. If there is no fence, drive away.

The second stage is a computerized key card for the main gate and the individual storage units.

The third stage is video security monitoring.

The fourth stage is on-site management.

Our suggestion: pay for the best security you can afford.  If your possessions are important to you, and they most likely are if you are paying to secure them, then a little extra money per month for the ultimate secure self storage is worth the investment.  We offer all four stages of security at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and our customers appreciate it greatly.

Try not to shop according to price

Like we said earlier, there are thousands of storage facilities across the United States. Chances are there are several in your city. The sheer number of storage facilities means there will occasionally be a small pricing war going on to entice future customers.  Our suggestion: don’t shop according to price, and read the bottom line.  To our way of thinking, security is infinitely more important than saving ten dollars per month on a “good deal.”

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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