Tens of millions of Americans have used, or are using, a self storage unit at some point during their lifetime.  In any given city of a decent size, there are multiple storage facilities to choose from.

But are all of the people using mini storage getting the most out of their storage unit? Are the cramming as much as they possibly can into their mini storage unit, or are they renting a storage unit which is too big than they actually need, thereby spending more money monthly than they actually should?

This article should save you money the next time you rent a storage unit. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and we consider ourselves the experts in the Fort Worth storage industry. Call us at 817-439-1380 for more mini storage tips.

Now, here are three ways you can get the most out of your self storage unit.

Invest in quality storage boxes

Proper stacking of items will enable you to store more in less space. Far too many people grab up any cardboard boxes they can find and use them to store their belongings. The temptation to do that is understandable, but far too often the end result is collapsing boxes, damage to the possessions in those boxes, and the inability to properly stack boxes on top of each other, thus limiting the number of boxes you can put in a mini storage space.

You may think a 5’x5’ storage unit is small when you look at it, but stacked with solid, dependable boxes, such a unit will store a surprising number of items.

Dismantle furniture

Furniture, in its final form, is bulky, and bulky means far too much room is used to store that bulkiness. Think about the various pieces of furniture in your home. They are irregular in shape, and irregular means a lot of “dead space” which cannot be utilized for more storage.

The only way to eliminate that dead space is to dismantle your furniture before storing it in the storage unit. This will allow you to store even more into that mini storage.

Go vertical and utilize walls

We mentioned earlier a 5’x5’ storage unit. What we didn’t mention, though, is that same space is also eight feet tall, sometimes ten feet, and that vertical space is crucial in storing as many things as possible into that storage unit. Remember, also, that the walls can be utilized.  Hanging items from the walls will free up valuable floor space.

The only way, though, to go vertical is to make sure you are using the proper storage boxes. For total peace of mind, use plastic tote boxes for storage and bypass cardboard all together.  With heavy duty tote boxes, you can literally stack boxes eight feet vertically without having to worry about the bottom boxes crumbling under the weight.

Hopefully you will find these suggestions helpful the next time you need to store possessions in a storage unit.

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