When is air conditioned storage a good idea? Since we are a self storage business, you would probably think our response to that question would be “always,” since air conditioned storage costs more, but that simply is not the answer we will give in this article.

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Why air conditioned storage in the first place?

Other than the fact that air conditioning is nice to have during the Texas summers, there are some valid reasons for paying a little bit more for a temperature controlled storage unit.

Simply put, it’s all about extreme temperatures and extreme weather conditions.  Very high temperatures, or very low temperatures, can cause chemical reactions on certain surfaces and to certain possessions.  One word used often in explaining this is oxidation, and to gain a little understanding about oxidation and the chemical reactions happening, think about rust forming on an automobile or some metal left in the backyard.

For short periods of time, for some things, this is not necessarily something to be concerned about; however, over longer periods of time, say six months, these chemical reactions can damage certain items you hold dear and consider important. Thus, the need for air conditioned storage.

When you really do need it.

Let’s share with you a partial list of items which would benefit from air conditioning in an indoor storage unit:

  • Electronics
  • Collectibles
  • Photographs
  • Leather surfaces
  • Metal surfaces
  • Computers
  • Fabrics (think mildew)
  • Wood furniture and antiques

Again, we are talking extended periods of time.  If you are storing something for one month, there is no real concern.  If you are leaving on military deployment, or going on an extended three-month vacation, you really need to consider protecting your stored items by paying a little bit more per month for climate controlled storage.

When you do not need it.

We already touched on the time issue regarding storage.  Boxes of household items are perfectly fine in extreme temperatures.  Rather than list all of the items in your house with a yay or nay classification, the simplest way to approach this question is to consider the amount of time you will be storing items and the amount of importance you attribute to each items.

This is not an exact science, and our intent is not to frighten you regarding oxidation and other chemical reactions. Our only intent is to make you aware of it, to provide information which can aid you in making up your mind regarding climate control. The science is real, but how it applies to you is real, but how it applies to you is up for interpretation.

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