Yes, climate controlled storage is more expensive.  And no, climate control self storage is not needed in every instance by everyone renting a mini storage unit.  However, in some instances, it is necessary, and it is those instances which we will talk about in this article.

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Yes, climate controlled storage is more expensive

We can’t speak for the other 60,000 self storage units around the country regarding specific prices; we can only give you the prices charged at our facility, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, but we can tell you that our prices are competitive within the Fort Worth market.  Our smallest unit, a 5’x5’, costs an extra $6 per month for climate control, whereas one of our biggest units, a 10’x30’, cost an extra $20 per month, with prices slowly increasing depending upon the size of the unit.

That measure of increase is standard. We know of no self storage business which does not charge extra for climate control, namely because air-conditioning uses more energy and costs the business money; that cost is passed on to the customers, which is only logical.

Climate control self storage is not for everyone

There are quite a few instances when climate control is not necessary.  If you are only storing things for a month or two, we don’t believe, in most cases, you would benefit by using it.  If you are storing non-essential and inexpensive items, clothing perhaps, it is not essential nor necessary.

Your particular climate will be a determining factor

To simplify this discussion, let us say that the problem with climate and self storage arises, in most cases, from climate extremes. If you live in an area which experiences consistently hot weather in the summer, we recommend climate control. Similarly, extremely cold weather for a prolonged amount of time in the winter would be a concern.

The problem, mainly, is one of oxidation.  To put it simply, oxidation is the main chemical interaction which causes rusting, and it can happen on metals, of course, but a form of oxidation can happen to wood surfaces as well, and it can wreak havoc with electronics.  Consequently, valuables with wood surfaces, valuables with metal surfaces, or leather surfaces, or anything with electronic components can be damaged by oxidation.

If you plan on storing computer components, or car parts, or anything of that sort, climate controlled self storage is not only recommended, it is almost mandatory to keep your storage items safe and unharmed.

We are not trying to convince you; this is no sales pitch.  Most of you reading this do not even live in the Fort Worth area, so it is in no way self-serving.  It is simply the truth based upon our many, many years in this business. What you do with that truth is your business.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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