Can you find vehicle storage for less than $100 per month?

You not only can, but it will be secure vehicle storage.

How?  Read on, and contact us if you have more questions after you read this informative article.  Our number is (817) 439-1380.

What do you expect to pay for car storage?

What people expect to pay for car storage is all over the map.  Some think long-term parking garages are inexpensive. Some think airport long-term parking is reasonably priced.  Some have seen high-end premium parking ads which hint at exorbitant prices.  The truth of the matter depends solely on what it is you are looking for.

The truth: long-term parking garages can be expensive. The usually charge by the day . . . let’s say $20 per  day . . . so one month totals $600 for vehicle storage which is not terribly secure.

And even though one would expect long term vehicle storage at an airport to be inexpensive, one would be sorely disappointed in that assessment.  Again you will be charged by the day, again $20 or more per, and again this will not be terribly secure.

Premium auto storage is most definitely secure self storage but it is also expensive, in the $250-$350 range per month.  You do receive quality car care at a premium auto storage facility, but you can expect to pay for that premium service.

Which leaves you with one logical choice for vehicle storage

And that choice is a self storage facility!

Most mini storage facilities have spaces for car storage. Depending on the storage building you choose, you may have an option of keeping your car inside or outside.  Inside storage units will cost in the $80-$100 range.  Outdoor storage can cost you around $60-$70 per month.  Both options are as secure as the facility is, which is usually quite secure.  Look for a storage facility which is surrounded by a fence.  Look for one which has a main entrance which requires a card key for entrance.  Look for a facility which has on-site management and video surveillance.  Shop around for the best deal on move-in specials.  With the abundance of self storage facilities in most cities, you will have no problem finding one which is secure and affordable.

An extra tip:  consider climate controlled storage.  Usually for an extra twenty dollars, give or take a buck, you can protect your vehicle from severe temperatures by renting climate control.  In areas where temperatures can be extreme, this is an option worth looking into.

So the answer to the question is this: yes, you can find vehicle storage for less than $100 per month in most cities of any decent size.  By taking a half hour of your time to conduct a search, you can save yourself serious money when it is time for you to go away on your business trip or vacation.

About Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage serves the Greater Fort Worth area.  It is locally owned and operated, a secure vehicle storage facility with climate control options. Call us for details and rates comparable to other mini storage facilities.