True story: to prove a point about self storage security, a police department held a demonstration at a local self storage location. They paid a security expert to “break into” a storage unit.  It took that security expert all of five minutes to jump the fence, snap off the lock, and enter a storage unit.

Five minutes!

How safe is your self storage? That is the question you should be asking yourself, right now, if you pay a monthly fee for mini storage.  We suspect the answer will be “not very” after you read this article.

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The different levels of security for storage facilities

Storage facilities will all have one or more of the following list of security levels:

  • Good lighting
  • Fenced and gated
  • Personalized access cards
  • Video monitoring
  • On-site management

The level of security for your possessions can be determined by counting the number of security features, from that list, which you are being provided.

Good lighting

Every single aisle and every single building should have bright, bright lights illuminating them.  This is the absolute minimum you should expect in security.  Do not rent a storage unit until you see the individual storage buildings lit up at night.  You better believe there are criminals who are doing exactly that in every city in the U.S.

Fenced and gated

This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed to discover that a good percentage of self storage companies do not have a fence surrounding the storage buildings, and they certainly don’t have a gated access spot.

Access cards

Forget about padlocks.  Padlocks can be cut in a matter of seconds with bolt-cutters.  If your mini storage locker is being protected by a padlock, it’s not really being protected.  The only true secure door is one which can only be opened by a personalized access card, like those you see in fancy hotels.  Those cannot be duplicated by a thief. They are as close to foolproof as it gets in the mini storage industry.

You should look for self storage facilities where you need an access card to get through the main gate, and you also need on to enter your mini storage unit.


Video-monitoring – look for cameras on every aisle – and make sure those cameras are manned by a real human being.


The ultimate level of security, a real-life, breathing, walking, talking human being.  Nothing beats it!  On-site management should be visible to all who approach the self storage buildings.  On-site management should be seen conducting a patrol of the area periodically.  On-site management seriously discourages the bad guys.

You can gauge the amount of secure self storage you will receive by going through this checklist before you rent a storage unit.  Will you find all of these security features at all mini storage companies? No!  Of the five, you should certainly expect, at the very least, three.  And if you find all five, like you will at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, sign up immediately!  It doesn’t get more secure than Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. Call us today for price quotes!